What is the Shidduch Shuk?

The Shidduch Shuk (shidduchshuk.com) is a popular directory of businesses, attractions, helpful resources, and information created for yeshiva singles to aid them in planning and preparing for their date. This includes shidduch places, resources, forums, gemachim, shadchanim (Jewish matchmakers), and much more.  All information is presented in a clear and convenient manner, with a focus on the overall user experience.

The main part of our site is our directory of places and relevant information which yeshiva bochurim (or whoever is planning your date) can research when they plan their date itinerary. Each location is presented with pictures, contact information, parking options, and description. This information is culled from the personal experiences of countless present and past yeshiva bochurim in the parsha. We provide shidduch places for almost every frum (orthodox) community in the United States in a very easy-to-use format. There are also different lists depending on what type of outing the couple is planning to go on.

Why the need?

Not so long ago, when I was in shidduchim, I can remember just how hard the shidduch process was – before and after each date. Besides the whole “shadchan – yes and no resume hassle”, planning and figuring out each date was a real nightmare. This only added to the stress naturally present from being in shidduchim.

After getting engaged after “only fifty dates”, I realized I had to do something that would make it easier for bochurim in shidduchim, especially those who don’t have siblings or friends they feel comfortable talking to. I felt, in addition to others I spoke to, that the existing websites available where lackluster when it came to the average BMG guy.

Together with a couple of other guys, I started a small website called koshershidduchinfo.com which eventually turned into ShidduchShuk.com. Starting with just a few places which I had enjoyed going to, it has developed a trove containing hundreds of places in over ten different communities across America.

Our Mission and How We Implement It

Our goal at the Shidduch Shuk is to make the shidduch parsha as stress-free as possible. From our position, this does not only mean presenting popular places to go on dates with the most information possible like prices, parking info, and the like. It means more.

We want to change the way bochurim look at preparing for a date through advanced search and information technology to create a virtual itinerary. Of course this idea may be a few years down the road but even today we present more information in one place for bochurim in shidduchim than ever before. For one bochur it might be his shadchan’s phone number for another it might be an available car rental. The bottom line is that we present all the information that a bochur will need for shidduchim in one single site in a very easy to use and accessible format.

Current Structure

The Shidduch Shuk  currently comprises our main website and forum-based sister site. The main website, ShidduchShuk.com, has an average of 10,000 monthly sessions, over 150 pages, and over 325 shidduch place ideas and resources with up-to-date content. It is presented in a very easy to navigate manner.

We have a shidduch resource list where bochurim can find helpful resources for shidduchim. The site also has many other useful features like pegisha alerts, pre-pegisha preparation help, shadchanim contact info, and proposal ideas.

Our site is hosted on a rented server with advanced plug-ins to make it as fast as possible. Speed and efficiency is very important to us as this makes the user experience as best as possible.


Our site has experienced tremendous growth, both in the number of visits and the amount of content, over a relatively small period of time. This is a testament to the user experience and efficiency which is built into the core structure of our site.

Our content has been updated constantly over the last year. We have grown from just 25 shidduch places to over 325!

Viewership and users have also grown dramatically. We have grown from just 40 visits in our first month to over 4,000 monthly in under a year. B”H, we now have over 4.000 unique monthly viewers and growing.

Future Outlook

At the Shidduch Shuk we are constantly looking for ways to improve and make the parsha easier for bochurim in shidduchim. This is done by keeping a wide-open ear for new ideas and improvements.

We also have a long list of new ideas which we would love to implement once we have the necessary funding and resources. This includes advanced search options, virtual video tours, and a plan-a-date wizard.