Here are a few useful tips for guys in the parsha:

  • It’s important to be in touch with yourself and know what you need before entering shidduchim.*
  • Stay positive. A bad date isn’t always a dead end; your date might have a friend they think is a better fit for you. (It happens all the time)*
  • Make sure to thank the waiter, hold open the door, etc. on a date it shows that you think about others. *
  • Because you are opposite genders, sometimes you may judge what she does as socially inappropriate, but it can just be a gender difference.*
  • Be respectful the entire date, even if you feel that it may not work out. She is still a human and has feeling.*
  • Never say anything negative about yourself or anyone in your family. – Rabbi Avigdor Miller*
  • Daven for Siyata Dishmaya. – Heard from my mother*

*Taken from / based on