The following list of Corona shidduch spots (V.19) was compiled by Mrs. Chani Lehmann – Updated October 1st – View and Download the PDF here – Read more about it in Ami Magazine here

If you would like to be added to the list or have any questions, please be in contact with Chani Lehmann (Shadchan/Shidduch Mentor) via whatsapp/text: (845) 494-1071, or email [email protected]. Created as a z’chus for a shidduch for Avigayil Sarah bas Yosef Eliezer.

State City Address Description Amenities Contact Contact Phone
Israel Jerusalem 14 Ramat Hagolan Garden behind a Villa Table, chairs, drinks (beautiful area to propose) Daniella Cohen 516-507-9647 or 0534571570
Israel Rechavia 37 Ben Maimon Rooftop Fridge with cold drinks, snacks, beautifully designed Ruksy Mauskopf 054-639-9361
MD Baltimore 6609 Pimlico Rd. Private Backyard Porch Chairs, benches, drinks, music, Michelle Mond Text: 410-808-1801
MD Baltimore 2905 Walnut Ave Owing Mills Synagogue Bathrooms, water fountains,  couches, 17 acres to walk around Mrs. Posner 443-415-4694
MD Baltimore 2501 Willowglen Dr Side Room with private entrance Table, chairs, bathroom Sarah Scheller 443-473-7718
NJ Deal 70 Runyan Ave Sitting Room/Front Porch Drinks, candy, bathroom, park around the corner Adina Douek 718-415-4731
NJ Highland Park Available upon contact with host Front Porch/ Back Porch Front porch in case of rain, back porch with garden, seats, table, snacks/drinks Tania Friedlander 646-643-5092
NJ Jackson Galassi Ct. Backyard Very pretty backyard, chairs, table with umbrella D Benarroch 732-207-4638
NJ Lakewood 154 Enclave Blvd. Backyard/ Enclosed Porches Awning, chairs, bistro table Chana Rose 917-841-6433
NJ Lakewood 210 Glen Ave South Backyard Patio with large couch, backyard with chairs, basement sitting area Toby Tabak Text:732-330-8813
NJ Lakewood 22 Esti Circle Large Back Porch Umbrella, table, chairs, swing bench, forest in back Adina Nebenzahl 732-278-1468
NJ Lakewood 35 Sherie Ct Backyard Table, chairs, snacks, drinks, Matchsticks (the game) Edinger 718-915-6612
NJ Lakewood 1221 Mendocino Court Backyard Large,private, table , chairs, swing set, drinks,snacks Ruchama Gass 347-405-2297
NJ Lakewood 15 Fourteenth St. Backyard Private backyard/porch, poolside seating, chairs on porch, waterfall pond, indoor area Shayne Freund Text: 732-288-6708
NJ Lakewood 1469 Pine Park Backyard Private backyard, seating, drinks, snacks Kraise Benedict 732-672-3068
NJ Lakewood 133 Glen Ave South Backyard Enclosed backyard with large deck, bench, patio set and regular chairs Chana Goldberg 732-678-7044
NJ Lakewood 78 Clearstream Rd. Sitting Room/ Backyard Sitting room with private entrance, backyard with walking path and benches Rifky Rothenberg 732-857-6163
NJ Lakewood 108 Reagan Ct Basement Open Family Room, large sectional  couch, recliners,  fridge with drinks Moti Bengio 908-770-3083
NJ Lakewood 26 Roselle Ct. Backyard Private poolside with table, lounge chairs, lights, drinks Gitty Fischer 848-525-1287
NJ Long Branch 375 Kirby Ave. Backyard Deck with tables and chairs, table has umbrella, water bottles Jeanne Elliot 732-829-0237
NJ Passaic 121 Ridge Ave Backyard Private large garden, backyard, outdoor patio furniture, snacks Tovi Lutz Text/Whatsapp:973-641-3436
NJ Teaneck 299 West Englewood Ave Front Porch/Backyard Front Porch: couches or Backyard: deck with tables and chairs Caren Heideman 732-735-9989
NJ Teaneck 1303 River Rd. Backyard Tables, chairs, poolside chairs as well. Leah Respler 201-328-4348
NJ Tom’s River 1347 Apple Blossom Ct Backyard Picturesque backyard with pool, fish pond, sitting area, table, chairs Dassy Levine 718-757-4171
NJ Tom’s River 134 Nobility Ct. Backyard Couches, chairs, lightning, tables, patio and awning Yaakov Piotrkovski 732-503-6517
NJ Tom’s River 2370 Forest Circle Backyard Fire place, pool, sitting area Etty Spitzer 347-387-1633
NY Brooklyn 1664 E. 29 St Backyard Couches, flowers, plants, drinks/snacks Vivian Bollag Text/Whatsapp:718-915-0809
NY Brooklyn 1501 60th St Large Furniture Store Sofas, tables, chairs, drinks Yoely Brach 347-219-0558
NY Brooklyn 3305 Ave N Furniture Store Couches, Tables, Chairs Eisenberger Whatsapp: 347-893-9221
NY Brooklyn 1202 E. 19th St (btwn K and L) Back Porch Private porch, awning, patio table, chairs, drinks, snacks, parking for 1 car Surki Lieberman 646-872-9412
NY Brooklyn 853 East 26th St Back Porch/Patio Table and chairs Chavie Wachs 917-612-8297
NY Brooklyn 2307 Ave S Deck with Patio Private tree lined deck, patio furniture, 2 gravity chairs and rocker, water, snacks Dina Nadler 917-754-7677
NY Brooklyn 3512 Quentin Rd. Roof Top Rooftop Gazebo Ester Rochel Bistritzky 917-559-6658
NY Brooklyn 1281 E 8 St (L&M) Back Porch Back porch, table and chairs, drinks Lona Schwartz 917-803-5211 & 718-258-2211
NY Brooklyn 1710 Ave I Yard Fenced in flagstone yard, small tables, chairs, adult lawn swing, basketball net Ariel Text: 917-689-7167
NY Brooklyn 912 East 18th St. Backyard Open large backyard with flagstone patio, small round table, chairs Mrs. Warshavchik 718-207-5548
NY Brooklyn 1222 E 96th St. Indoor/Outdoor Area Sitting areas, drinks, snacks, board games, pool table Matti Goldstein 347-756-0884
NY Brooklyn 1123 E 26th St. (K&L) Backyard Porch, chairs, table, umbrella for shade, parking in driveway Knobel 917-856-4373
NY Brooklyn 915 E 18th St. (I & dead end) Deck Table, chairs, games Frumi Weinberger 917-733-1102
NY Brooklyn 1758 55th St Backyard Patio Sofa, table, chairs, beautiful landscaped garden, drinks, snacks. Itchie Toder 917-559-1757
NY Brooklyn 1059 East 9th St. Backyard Patio Enclosed back patio, table, chairs, lounge chairs, drinks, snacks, board games Leba Shwebel 917-514-3517
NY Brooklyn 2052 62nd St. Backyard Backyard surrounded by greenery, chairs, tables, driveway for use Hindy Gluck 646-302-2385
NY Brooklyn 2052 62nd St. Backyard Backyard surrounded by greenery, chairs, tables, driveway for use Hindy Gluck 646-302-2385
NY Brooklyn 1411 East 23rd St. Backyard Beautiful private backyard with a round table and chairs Surie Lazar 917-968-9162
NY Brooklyn 3384 Bedford Ave (btwn L&M) Backyard Tables and chairs Chanie Mandel 917-853-0624
NY Brooklyn 1077 E 24th St btwn J&K Backyard/Basement Large backyard, access to basement with pool and ping pong tables, drinks Vardi Jeidel Text: 917-613-7063
NY Brooklyn 1828 New York Ave Porch Newly built porch, comfortable chairs and table, string lights, drinks, bathroom Rachel Sarehktoun 718-791-1085
NY Brookyln 905 East 18 St. Backyard Patio Patio enclosed by fence, table and chairs Mrs. Michelson Text: 929-214-9841
NY Cedarhurst 293 Leroy Ave. Basement Basement with private entrance, Escape the Room activity, games, drinks, bathroom Chaya Unger Text: 917-923-1155
NY Cedarhurst 438 Summit Ave Backyard Basketball Court, huge deck with couches, eating area, and lawn area Shana Rabinow 917-817-7468
NY Fallsburg 25 Twin Oaks Blvd Backyard Patio set on deck, tables, chairs, umbrella, Avigail Ginzberg 516-242-3282
NY Far Rockaway 509 Cedarhill Rd Backyard Gazebo with couches Goldie Bloom 516-668-6030
NY Far Rockaway 443 Beach 7th St. Backyard Beautiful garden, deck with pergola and pond, hanging air chairs, swing set Shelley Winkler 718-909-5187
NY Far Rockaway 719 Empire Ave Backyard Private tree lined garden, patio table, chairs, couch set Shulamit  Samet 917-435-7138
NY Great Neck Available upon contact with host Side of house Table, chairs, umbrella, nice view Yitzchak Yehoshua 516-974-4902
NY Hewlett 1036 Channel Drive Backyard Waterview, table, chairs, games, drinks, snacks Penny Chartan 516-835-3108
NY Lawrence 27 Rosalind Pl Backyard Fire pit, snacks, drinks, tables, chairs Alisa Berger Text: 516-205-4004
NY Lawrence 11 Wedgewood Ln Backyard Large yard, games, snacks, drinks Avrumi Zelmanowitz 917-414-5987
NY Lawrence 22 Auerbach Ln Backyard (available at night) Fire pit, putting green, tennis/basketball, pool house with couches,snacks/drinks Melly Lifshitz 516-353-0415
NY Lawrence 18 Lord Ave Backyard/Back Porch Grill, table, chairs, swing set, trampoline, paint equipment Tova Fuchs 917-626-9850
NY Lawrence 17 Copperbeech Lane Backyard/Florida Room Backyard with chairs, Newcomb court. Florida room: tables, chairs, couches, sink Tanya Weissman 516-369-0163
NY Lawrence 36 Herrick Dr. Large Backyard Chairs, table, sun umbrella, snacks, drinks, games, swing Cheryl Brecher 516-782-8323
NY Lawrence 404 Central Ave. Abode Furniture Store Available afternoons/evenings: Upstairs, downstairs, bathrooms Baila Halpern 516-225-4521
NY Lawrence 12 Sealy Drive Patio Patio area, table, chairs, grassy area Aviva Golombeck 516-647-3396
NY Lawrence 125 Lawrence Ave. Backyard Beautiful backyard, lounge chairs,bottled water, snacks Naomi Gross 516-729-5977
NY Lawrence 105 Ocean Ave. Backyard Benches by the water Naomi Cohen 516-849-6047
NY Lawrence 29 Muriel Backyard Fire pit, built in seating Ava Moskowitz 917-674-8955
NY Lawrence 94 Washington Ave South Backyard with Gazebo Screen enclosures for privacy/protection from rain, sofas, chairs, table, fire pit Ronit Schwartz 917-502-9982
NY Lawrence 7 Muriel Ave. Garden Garden to sit, drinks, snacks, couches Nosson 917-603-0203
NY Lawrence 28 Herrick Dr. Backyard Lounges, swings, drinks, bathroom, coffee table, chairs Chani Greenfield 917-445-2171
NY Lawrence 28 Herrick Dr. Indoor Dining Room Closed doors to the dining room on the main floor Chani Greenfield 917-445-2171
NY Lawrence 54 Lawrence Ave. Backyard Table, chairs, fire pit, drinks, snacks Racheli Tendler 917-754-9647
NY Lawrence 10 Wedgewood Ln Backyard/Basement Backyard: Awning, tent, table, chairs, bathroom. Basement: sofa, chairs, bathroom Tova Schonkopf 516-816-1600
NY Lawrence 21 Herrick Dr Backyard Sitting area, fire pit, outdoor fridge with drrinks, snacks Matis Nayman 917-592-1270
NY Lawrence 42 Larch Hill Rd Backyard Pool area, table, chairs, couch, and lighting Faigie Belsky 516-298-8576
NY Monsey 78 College Rd Backyard Parklike, chairs,water bottles, games Debra Rosenstock 845-548-6355
NY Monsey 78 College Rd Basement Pool table, ping pong table, pinball machine, love seats, fridge with drinks, bathroom Debra Rosenstock 845-548-6355
NY Monsey 11 Barrie Dr. Backyard Large flat backyard, small gazebo, 2 chairs Eva Kahana Whatsapp:845-362-0797
NY Monsey 92 Forshay Rd Backyard Patio with chairs, small table, bench, swing Evette Kranz 845-304-4820
NY Monsey 36 Brockton Rd. Screened in Porch- private deck entrance Chairs, table, space heater if needed Deena Levi Home #-845-354-5394
NY Monsey 4 Celia Ct. (Suffern) Backyard Porch Large deck with seating area, drinks, snacks, games, lightining in evenings, bathroom Chani Jaffe 845-323-9041
NY Monsey 188 Summit Park Rd Backyard Beautiful circle of trees with lighting, fire pit, chairs, café table Yaffa Gluck 443-453-6814
NY Monsey 118 Brick Church Rd Back Porch Table, chairs, drinks, cookies, games Sandy Eller 845-304-6800
NY Monsey 4 Hunters Run Backyard Sofa, chairs, table, water bottles, pond on property Lisa Eisen 914-522-4187
NY Monsey 44 Olympia Ln Backyard Poolside seating, night lighting, drinks, light music if wanted Suri Weiss 845-538-6112
NY Monsey 9 Melaney Drive Basement Sitting Area Available until 10 pm: Couch, chairs, drinks, games Sheva Weiskopf Text/WhattsApp 845-558-6010
NY Monsey 23 Hilltop Place Backyard/Back Porch Backyard, back deck with chairs/table, drinks/cookies, basement bathroom, awning Lolly Hutman 845-371-0520
NY Monsey 4 Dunnigan Dr (Garnerville) Patio/Porch Poolside seating, porch with sofas, table, music available upon request Shira Heinemann 845-729-2035
NY Monsey 76 South Gate Dr Back Porch Chairs on back deck Y&M Lehmann 845-362-4975
NY Monsey 76 South Gate Dr Indoor Office (Available 5:30-11 pm) Private entrance, small fridge, table, chairs, drinks Y&M Lehmann 845-362-4975
NY Monsey 31 Deerwood Rd. Backyard (Available after 7 pm) Private gated pool area, tables, chairs, food, drinks. Atara Grossman Text/Whatsapp: 646-771-6534
NY Monsey 15 Rochelle Pool House Private pool house in picturesque setting, bathroom, covered outdoor seating area Tova Messner 917-903-6770
NY Monsey 12 South Gate Dr. Backyard Beautiful waterfall with garden sitting area for daytime and night time use Miriam Adelman 718-501-2610
NY Monsey 29 Brockton Rd. Backyard Backyard/Deck, table and chairs Estie Flegmann 845-323-3466
NY Monsey Available upon contact with host Backyard Large secluded private backyard, chairs, tables Mr. H. Lehmann Call: 212-489-4500
NY Monsey 4 Birdie Dr. Backyard Lot of seating, ping pong table, bocce court, basement with pool table Tzivie Mermelstein 917-226-3294
NY Monsey 15 Amsterdam Ave. Backyard Large yard with swing, patio furniture, large private porch, drinks, games Lisa Kram Tezt/Whatsapp: 914-707-9089
NY Monsey 27 Barrie Dr. Backyard Large pato with couches, coffee table Francie Brinn 917-596-4688
NY Monsey 641 Union Rd. Backyard Backyard with bentch and beautiful lanscaping, pool area, table, chairs, drinks, snacks Chava Katz 845-323-0255
NY Monsey Available upon contact with host Backyard Table, chairs, drinks, board games, covered private deck, access to bathroom Mrs. Mayerfeld 845-548-2386
NY Monsey 8 Gladwyne Ct. Deck Large Deck, pool area with couches, table chairs Vardy Grunwald 914-441-6166
NY Monsey 9 Underwood Rd Backyard/Pool  House Pirivate pool area with outdoor seating, AC in pool house, drinks, snacks Rechy Hollander 845-729-1479
NY Monsey 4 Gladwyne Court Backyard/ Pool House Poolside couch under shade, bathroom in pool house, drinks, snacks, games, lights Malky Zelman 914-806-5626
NY Monsey 50 N. Southgate Drive Indoor Space/ Covered Deck Private entrance, bathroom, drinks, snacks, games upon request Bassi Kaplan 845-425-4966
NY Monsey 33 Park Ave Basement Private entrance, bathroom, ping pong table, couch, table, chairs Leslie Laskin [email protected]
NY Monsey 4 Soundview Drive Basement Couch, board games, basketball hoops game, ping pong, water bottles Rifki Eichorn Whatsapp/Text:678-428-0121
NY New Rochelle 60 Paine Ave Front Porch Covered front porch, rocking chairs, near lake with walking path, lovely view Dassi Lewis 914-318-4307
NY North Woodmere 769 Wilson St Backyard Couch, table, chairs, umbrellas, pool, drinks, snacks, board games Rina Zerykier 646-753-1279
NY Queens 138-43 78th Road Backyard Table, chairs, couches, ping pong, basketball, games, drinks, snacks, bathroom Golda Gross 646-262-7770
NY Queens 178-05 Edgerton Rd Backyard Table, two sofas, fire pit, bathroom upon request, snacks, games Elisheva Gazal 917-497-3546
NY Queens 7374 136th St Backyard Porch and canopy, seating, water, snacks, oversize connect 4 game, bathroom Ruchy Elbogen 917-862-7877
NY Riverdale 4660 Iselin Ave. Backyard Available day-dusk: Shaded back yard, patio table, chairs, glider on side of house Chavi Fink 917-301-3238
NY Staten Island 258 Sheraden Ave. Deck Games, snacks, drinks, bathroom(entrance from bottom floor), table, chairs Miriam Lowenthal 718-612-1811
NY Staten Island 1081 Willowbrook Road Backyard Sofa, chairs, gazebo, pergola, water Fountain, poolside Rachalit Reichman 718-983-9664
NY Suffolk County 142 Burr Rd., East Northport Backyard Table, chairs, drinks, snacks, near scenic Northport Harbor Mordechai Schlam 631-499-2255
NY Woodmere 952 Midway Backyard on a Lake 2 kayaks, life jackets upon request, backyard furniture, towels, snacks Renee Levine Text: 516-297-4498
NY Woodmere 385 Forest Ave Backyard Tents for light rain, lighting, drinks, board games, folding table, chairs Malky Galler [email protected]
NY Woodridge Available upon contact with host Yard available Sunday after 5 -Wed. night Large yard, chairs, swingset, wraparound porch, near Center One and Regency Devorah Resnik 516-297-1697
NY Woodridge 11 Canter Ave Porch Screened in Porch with lighting, table, chairs Rifkie Ungar 917-848-1453
PA Philadelphia 8102 Dorcas St (Rawhnhurst) Apartment Refreshments, private entrance,  street parking Ungar 215-429-8534
TX Dallas 7119 Bremerton Ct Patio Chairs, snacks, drinks, bathroom, yard with walking path Rich Family 972-835-0386

For LA locations please contact Devorah Smilow @ 323-556-4870
For Teaneck/Bergenfield locations please contact Meredith Yager via Text/Whatsapp: 201-321-4301
For Philadelphia/Bala Cynwyd locations please contact Ellen Weiss @ 215-370-9608
For Passaic locations please contact Nechama Blima Wolf @ 973-464-9523
For Florida locations please contact Dvora Wechsler via Text/Whatsapp: 305-527-3762

For Yichud guidelines, or any other covid-19 shidduch questions please contact your LOR/MD. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek their own halachic and medical guidance. Created BY CL/AL

Updated 10/01/20