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Yakov’s Berachos
by R’ Elimelech Margolis

The pasuk in Vayichi states that the beracha Yakov gave to Efrayim and Menahe was “b’cha yivarech yisroel“. Rashi on this pasuk says that this means that a when a Jewish father bentches his children he should give them the bracha that they should be like Menashe and Efrayim specifically as apposed  to the other avos or anybody else. The question is: What was unique about Efrayim and Menashe that for all generations the minhag is to bless our children through them. Rav Eliyah Baruch Finkel Zt”l answers that Efrayim and Menashe were unique in the sense that despite the fact that they were raised while being exposed to the tumah of mitzrayim they still held a lofty madreiga and were counted as one of the shevatim. As the pasuk states that Yakov said that Efrayim and Menashe were like Reuven and Shimon. So it is the hope of every father that no matter what circumstance his child finds himself, he should always retain his spiritual level. Additionally, R’ Eliyahu Baruch says, that even though Menashe was the bechor and his younger brother got the main beracha, he was not jealous of him. So too, he says, a father should bentch his child that he too should never be jealous or hateful to a sibling no matter what that sibling has or gets. Ah gut Shabbos.



Angers Destruction
by R’ Elimelech Margolis

In this weeks parsha it says “Vatal Tzfardeia“. Rashi explains that the word tzefardeia is written in a singular sense because originally only one frog came out of the river. Only after the Egyptians  kept on hitting the same frog in anger, more and more frogs came out. This continued until the entire Egypt was full of frogs. The Steipler Zt”l in his sefer Birchas Peretz asks: If the Egyptians saw more and more frogs coming out, why didn’t they stop before they were totally overrun by frogs? He explains this is the illogical tendency of one who gets angry. He tries to fight back the most he possibly could even if it ends up hurting himself. A story is said about one of the gedolim that he would never hit his child at the moment his child misbehaved. This was because he did not want any possible feelings of anger involved in the punishment of his child.

A Childs Potential
by R’ Elimelech Margolis

The Shulchan Aruch (YD 21:7) states that it’s preferable to nurse a baby from a Jewish woman. This is because milk from a non-jew is metamtem es halev (causes spiritual harm). The Vilna Goan brings the Rasba who explains that the source for this is based on the story in Parshas Shemos in which Moshe Rabeinu did not want to nurse from an Egyptian woman. The Question which we may ask is: How can we learn from Moshe Rabeinu – Moshe Rebeinu would eventually speak directly with Hakadosh Baruch Hu and therefore required a higher level of purity? Rav Yakov Kaminetzky Zt”l in his sefer Emes L’yakov says that we see from here a fundamental and amazing idea in chinuch. Every parent has to raise their children with the foundation that would allow them to potentially be on the level of Moshe Rabeinu who spoke to Hashem directly!

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